Performance_Music Selections

Musical Selections

There are many ways to perform the musical selections found in “Around the World in Twenty-One Trumpets,” and because all of the music is easily accessible in “Listen & Play” audio files found in the Practice Cave, students can be assigned pieces to practice at home in preparation for public performance. Consider some of the options below when designing performances and practicing pieces during class time.

  • Play selected pieces in a call-and-reponse format with the entire group.
  • Have more motivated students assume a leading role by playing selected pieces in a call-and-response with the rest of the group, or by having them play more difficult pieces as solos alternating with pieces performed by the whole group.
  • Have students repeat simple pieces or articulation exercises, using same rhythms but playing different harmonic notes the second time through.
  • Feature student improvisations/compositions as they relate to Ragnar’s story.
  • Use the structure of 16th century trumpet ensembles to allow for differentiation in performance:
    • Have students who are have difficulty playing more advanced repertoire play a drone.
    • Have a second group of students perform the selected piece as written.
    • Have a third group of more advanced students play the selected piece one harmonic note higher.
    • Have a fourth group of students play hand drums or other classroom instruments.
  • String together various pieces to make an arrangement, like “Ode to Osiris” performed by an individual student, followed by the “Egyptian battle call” performed by the whole group, and then a repeat of “Ode to Osiris” for an A-B-A structure.
  • Create arrangements of pieces from the book adding Orff instruments, drums, recorders, etc..
  • Use drums beats as a back drop for student improvisations.
  • See Other General Music Applications, and Interdisciplinary Performances  for more performance ideas.