Romans vs. Celts at the 2013 Chicago Brass Festival

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Congratulations to Brass for Beginners students from Walker and Lincoln Elementary Schools on a great presentation at the 2013 Chicago Brass Festival on March 9th. There was a riveting battle between the Roman and Celtic trumpeters- watch the video below to see who won!
By providing the students with historical context, giving the trumpet a very functional, and in this case, serious job to do (intimidating the enemy and giving courage to the troops), students have learned to be critical of how they sound as a group. Before the battle, they were asked how they would win it. Students responded saying: “by starting and stopping at the same time…. working as a team…. making a good sound, etc..” Encouraging beginning level brass players to be reflective and critical about how they sound is one of the most difficult tasks of an instructor in both private and group lessons. This has been a fun way to accomplish it! See for yourself…[wpvideo BzN83BiB]

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