Samba Reggae for Natural Trumpets?

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Part of the BFB curriculum is to use groove-based music (with syncopated rhythmic textures) to help develop a beginning student’s sense of inner pulse- something that can be extremely challenging to accomplish in the early stages of learning a brass instrument. Students at Walker Elementary School are learning a style of Brazilian Music called Samba Reggae using mnemonic devices. Enjoy today’s vocal rehearsal, putting the final touches on our arrangement which we will perform outside before school next week. “Rutabaga, Corn, Rice and Beans; Extra, Extra, Read all about it; Pop-corn, Pop-corn” (thanks to Jack Hasselbring, co-founder of the BFB method and director of “Samba Kids” in New Jersey for the mnemonic devices.)

[wpvideo cGLq6Ou0]

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  1. What a great, playful way to instill a sense of rhythm and independence to young students! Something that would work for all ages.

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