Brass (not) for Beginners

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Michael (currently a high school sophomore) has been learning the trumpet, both natural and valved, since he was very young. IMG_0588He has been playing natural trumpet for over seven years and is now learning how to play on a modern reproduction. He started on what we call the *BFB Tromba, (pictured right), moved to a vented version we call the *BFB Baroque I, (click here to see a blog from 2012) and is now learning how to play a Naumann four-hole natural trumpet. Although encouraging students to learn the art of baroque trumpet playing on natural trumpets is not the primary goal of Brass for Beginners™, we have found that the use of the natural trumpet and the BFB curriculum as a pedagogical tool is a great way to inspire young players’ interest in early music.

*these instruments will be available for purchase on our online store by March 15th 2014

Enjoy a video of Michael demonstrating the basics of baroque articulation and applying it to standard repertoire (from the first movement of Vivaldi’s Concerto for Two Trumpets).[wpvideo oRqc3WE0]

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