Egyptian Snb Battle Call

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Students from Lincoln Elementary are getting ready to present at the 2014 Chicago Brass Festival at North Eastern Illinois University on March 15th. We have been discussing the trumpets of ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian Snb (pictured right), which was used for war and ceremonial purposes. The Snb was made of silver or copper, approximately […]

Curriclum: Chapter Scenes and Sound Files

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Chapter scenes have been created for the Brass for Beginners™ Method Book to demonstrate the roles and relevance of the trumpet throughout history. The character ‘Ragnar’ is featured in specific historical contexts which showcase the global development of the trumpet, while constantly reminding the reader of its ancient roots. Each scene includes an original illustration […]

The First Trumpeter?

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Meet Ragnar, possibly the first trumpeter in the history of the world. He lived about 15,000 years ago in the caves of Southwest France. Ragnar was admired and feared by others because he knew how to make loud sounds by vibrating his lips into a bison horn – a terrifying noise that could frighten away […]

Morning Bell Fanfare

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Enjoy students from Lincoln Elementary School performing the “Morning Bell Fanfare” to signal the start of the school day. Trumpets have been used for signaling purposes such as this for thousands of years. Listen as students build the fanfare to form a complete major chord (playing three distinct pitches- all part of the naturally occurring […]