Curriclum: Chapter Scenes and Sound Files

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Chapter scenes have been created for the Brass for Beginners™ Method Book to demonstrate the roles and relevance of the trumpet throughout history. The character ‘Ragnar’ is featured in specific historical contexts which showcase the global development of the trumpet, while constantly reminding the reader of its ancient roots. Each scene includes an original illustration and sound file to inspire the imagination of the reader/listener.

Enjoy the illustration from “Chapter 1: The First Trumpeter?” which depicts Ragnar in the Upper Paleolithic period. This scene, “On the Hunt” depicts Ragnar using the sound of a bison horn to startle a herd of Bison into a stampede, where they would be trapped and killed to sustain Ragnar with food, clothing and tools. Part of the Brass for Beginners™ curriculum involves discussion of the scenes, prompting students to contemplate the significance of these trumpet sounds in the lives of people from the past.
Click here to listen to sound file (listen with headphones to enjoy stereo imaging)


Sound Design by Curtis Hasselbring

Historical Narrative by Kirsty Montgomery

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