Assessments & Data Collection



Pre and Post-Program Surveys are designed to measure the student interest level in playing musical instruments, listening to musical instruments, and the interdisciplinary subject matter related to the curriculum. Surveys can be printed on one page, front and back.


Formative/summative assessments are designed to measure students’ knowledge about lip-blown instruments. Have students fill out the assessment at the beginning and the end of the course.

Skills: Assessment Rubrics

Use these rubrics to chart students’ progress on the development of fundamental brass technique, aural skills, and music making. They correspond to the technical and musical goals of each Unit of the book and can be administered at the end of each Unit, or at the beginning and end of each Unit.

Skills: Student Self-Evaluation

Put students in charge of their own technical and musical development by incorporating student self-evaluation forms into your lesson plans. Consider splitting your class up into smaller groups and have students help each other to improve their scores from week to week, or have students fill out the forms, add up their scores, and give them a goal for improvement from one week to the next.

Data Collection


Plug in any of the above assessment questions into Kahoot for a fun and engaging, game-based way to collect data:

See a sample BfB Exit Survey on Kahoot:

Google Forms