“Teru’ah” and “Teqi’ah Gedolah” from the ancient Shofar call

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These are the third and fourth portions of the Shofar call. The “Teru’ah” is said to signify a call to battle or alarm,  and the “Tekiah Gedola” is said to signify hope and the ultimate triumph of goodness and joy. Trumpets have been used throughout human history to call people to worship and to wake up their spiritual awareness. Enjoy students from Walker Elementary in Evanston, IL playing this portion of the Shofar call which requires sustaining sound for several seconds, articulating consecutive notes, and moving between two harmonic pitches. Happy Holidays! [wpvideo NnldAYCI]

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  1. It is amazing how ancient religious music can lend itself to trumpet pedagogy for elementary students. Sounds fantastic!

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