Unit I: Prehistory

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Have you ever wondered who made the first lip-blown (trumpet) sound? Where, when, and with what object? Pondering questions like these can spark the imagination and unlock students’ creative and technical abilities at the beginning stages of development. The BfB beginners curriculum, “Around the World in Twenty-One Trumpets,” addresses these questions through the adventures of […]

BfB Launches New Online Resources Platform

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The BfB Team proudly announces the launch of Brass for Beginners Student Resources, the online resource pages designed for the beginners curriculum Around the World in Twenty-One Trumpets. What you will find here:   “Practice Cave” Pages corresponding to each “Practice Cave” chapter in the book include: “Listen & Play” audio tracks, recorded by world […]

Ancient Trumpet Music

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Student-centered learning plays a large role in the Brass for Beginners® curriculum. Lesson Six discusses the Egyptian Snb and the Nordic Bronze Lur, and examines what is considered to be one of the earliest examples of written music (written in cuneiform.) Students choose one of the instruments, learn about its construction, capabilities, and historical use, and then […]

Peruvian Pututus Trumpets

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BFB students from Lincoln Elementary School in Evanston, IL, and from the Music Institute of Chicago, are preparing for a presentation at the 2015 Chicago Brass Festival at Northeastern Illinois University on Saturday March 14th. Brass for Beginners® ‘Volume 1, Prehistory to Classical Antiquity’ utilizes a great deal of student centered learning to inspire students’ […]

Egyptian Snb Battle Call

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Students from Lincoln Elementary are getting ready to present at the 2014 Chicago Brass Festival at North Eastern Illinois University on March 15th. We have been discussing the trumpets of ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian Snb (pictured right), which was used for war and ceremonial purposes. The Snb was made of silver or copper, approximately […]

BFB Tots

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We are busy preparing for our annual winter recital at the Music Institute of Chicago (MIC). A group of ten BFB students from Lincoln Elementary, a trio of young MIC students from ages 5-7, and four MIC trumpet ensembles from beginning to advanced levels will all be performing on BFB natural trumpet prototypes at Nichols […]

Curriclum: Chapter Scenes and Sound Files

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Chapter scenes have been created for the Brass for Beginners™ Method Book to demonstrate the roles and relevance of the trumpet throughout history. The character ‘Ragnar’ is featured in specific historical contexts which showcase the global development of the trumpet, while constantly reminding the reader of its ancient roots. Each scene includes an original illustration […]