BfB Launches New Online Resources Platform

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The BfB Team proudly announces the launch of Brass for Beginners Student Resources, the online resource pages designed for the beginners curriculum Around the World in Twenty-One Trumpets.

What you will find here:


"Practice Cave"

Pages corresponding to each "Practice Cave" chapter in the book include:

  • "Listen & Play" audio tracks, recorded by world renowned artists
  • "Welcome to My Practice Cave" videos where each artist talks about their work as a musician, explains how they practice, and offers suggestions on how to practice things covered in the chapter.

"Hear Ragnar's Amazing Sounds"

Hear the fascinating story and sounds encountered in Ragnar's adventures from the world of the Upper Paleolithic to the fall of the Roman Empire.

"Meet the Artists"

Learn more about each artist with interviews, photos, and weblinks

"Meet the Experts" (under construction)

Learn about the amazing people in various fields whose work has made the BfB curriculum possible

 "Trumpet Treasure Hunt" (under construction)

Includes special features related to the many instruments and historical topics covered in the book. Click here for our first installment.

These resource pages are and will remain free and available to the public.

The new Brass for Beginners® company website will be launched mid-December at which time you will receive more information about how to bring Brass for Beginners® to your home, school, or music studio. For more information, email us at