Egyptian Snb Battle Call

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Egyptian Snb (1500-1300 B.C.E.)
Egyptian Snb
(1500-1300 B.C.E.)

Students from Lincoln Elementary are getting ready to present at the 2014 Chicago Brass Festival at North Eastern Illinois University on March 15th. We have been discussing the trumpets of ancient civilizations, including the Egyptian Snb (pictured right), which was used for war and ceremonial purposes. The Snb was made of silver or copper, approximately 20 inches long (50 cm), and could play two or three higher pitched notes. Students were asked to compose a battle call with three pitches that would give courage to the troops and intimidate the enemy. We combined two of the students’ ideas and came up with a compelling battle call. Students have also composed a funeral march that we imagine could have been played on bronze age Nordic Lurs. Practicing the funeral march has presented challenges such as how to play softly and slowly on the lower notes of the harmonic series. Enjoy our final rehearsal performing the Egyptian Snb Battle Call!






[wpvideo 10EUFZbO]

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