The Greek Salpinx at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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One of the most fascinating instruments discussed in the the Brass imagefor Beginners® Volume 1: Prehistory to Classical Antiquity method book, is the salpinx, the trumpet of ancient Greece. There is currently only one complete instrument believed to be an authentic salpinx (pictured right) which is held at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) Boston. In late November 2014, BFB authors Chris Hasselbring and Kirsty Montgomery traveled to Boston, at the invitation of the curator of the museum’s instrument collection, Darcy Kuronen, to learn more about the instrument and record on its replica so that BFB students can hear how a real salpinx might have sounded. We were incredibly fortunate to collaborate with Terry Everson, Associate Professor of Trumpet at Boston University, who recorded several sound files for the curriculum. To learn all about the project and how it relates to the Brass for Beginners® curriculum, click here. [wpvideo PtRJXYU3]

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