Roman “Cornu” Battle Call

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BFB students are getting ready for our presentation at the 2013 Chicago Brass Festival on March 9th at NEIU (click here for info). In the year 122 C.E., the Romans, in what is now Northern England, began to build a wall (known as Hadrian’s Wall) to keep the Celts away. The Romans were terrified by the “dreadful din” made by the unusual Celtic trumpet with the head of a wild boar called the Carnyx. One of the Roman trumpets used in battle was called a Cornu. Students from Walker Elementary have come up with a Roman Cornu battle call that will go up against the Lincoln Elementary Carnyx call on March 9th. Who will win? Come to the Chicago Brass Festival on March 9th and you can decide for yourself! Please enjoy this video of Walker Elementary Romans practicing the Cornu battle call.

[wpvideo pNJKwtUk]

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